(Review originally written at 2 July 2005)

The movie its strength is not in the horror but in the characters. The Frankenstein creature is a great tragic character and the emotions in this movie are really powerful.

The Frankenstein monster is the most classic horror monster in my opinion. Yes, I'm a bigger fan of the Dracula character and movies but there is no denying that the Frankenstein monster is the most intriguing and tragic classic horror movie character. The make-up for the character is fantastic and although Boris Karloff is of course heavily overacting, he's perfect for the role, mainly because of his typical face and eyes.

It also was wonderful to see Edward Van Sloan in this. Van Sloan is also known for playing Van Helsing in the classic "Dracula" movie and one of its sequels; "Dracula's Daughter" and the other classic and well known movie "The Mummy", also with Boris Karloff in it. So this guy has basically played in the three best, most influential and most well known horror classics of the '30's. He's a wonderful and great actor, certainly among my favorite of the '30's period along with Bela Lugosi.

In my opinion the movie is better as a drama than as an horror movie. It's not necessarily scary but more emotional and tragic.

A perfect classic masterpiece that simply is a must see.


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