(Review originally written at 3 July 2005)

This movie is absolutely beautiful! The story is highly original (especially considering that this is a sequel) and extremely well executed. I'm not sure if its fair to call it better than its predecessor "Frankenstein", since the both are hard to compare in my opinion. They are different of each other in quite some ways but both of them are brilliant in their own way.

Karloff most definitely seems more at ease in his role this time and he's not overacting anymore. He plays the monster with some real passion and eye for detail. His make-up also looks better than ever. Still I think it's a bit of a shame that so many actors from the original "Frankenstein" didn't reprise their role in this movie. Lot's of the characters are played by different actors this time. But I'm surely glad that Colin Clive returned as Dr. Henry Frankenstein. I already really loved him in "Frankenstein" and I enjoyed him once more in this movie. An underrated actor that died too young.

The emotions are once more very real and extremely powerful. The scene were the monster makes friendship with the blind man is unforgettable and truly a powerful sequence. The movie is really more than just a mere horror movie, it's a powerful cinematic masterpiece with some real depth.

A beautiful and powerful movie.


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