(Review originally written at 27 July 2004)

Who will ever remember "The Missing" in 5 years from now? Probably nobody. Although it is far from a bad movie, it also is hardly a rememberable one.

Visually there is nothing wrong with this movie. The sceneries are beautiful and so are the costumes. The movie is supported by a nice James Horner musical score, even though he once more heavily borrows from his own earlier work but it doesn't really matter since it fits the movie just fine.

The story felt kind of messy probably because of the lack of a good pace. The movie takes just a bit too long to get things going and once they're going the moments are not tense or exciting enough.

The movie is saved by a good cast. Especially the female cast is top class. Cate Blachett is an excellent leading lady and Evan Rachel Wood really surprised me in a positive way. Val Kilmer has a cameo in the movie and I have to admit that I didn't recognized him the first time because I wasn't really paying attention to him and was surprised to see his name appear at the end titles.

Not a must see in any way and also not really recommendable even though it is not a bad movie.


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