(Review originally written at 27 July 2004)

"Braveheart" is a modern already classic epic with beautiful scenery, epic fights and a moving score.

Quite frankly, I don't care how historical accurate this movie is. Yes, of course the English are portrayed as stereotyped bad guys and I'm sure many more things in the movie are not as accurate as they had been in real life but I have absolutely no problems with it. All I see is a beautiful moving movie and at least I know now who William Wallace was!

Everything about the movie is splendid. Visually everything is perfect and the musical score by James Horner is wonderful (For the Love of a Princess is beautiful) and lifts the movie even higher.

The grand and spectacular massive fights are brutal and graphic as well as impressive. And having a few hundreds of under-payed extras fighting each other still looks better than having a few hundred CGI characters fighting, let this movie be a lesson to you Hollywood guys and take an example from it.

Patrick McGoohan was one of the highlights for me. He was perfect and unforgettable in his role as King Edward I and he delivered his line's perfectly and with lot's of cruelty.

The story is impressive, moving and interesting right till the end that might be just a little bit over the top but impressive nevertheless. On one of my recent viewings I noticed lot's of tiny details Gibson put in the movie to make Wallace look like a Jesus figure, especially more notable after Gibson's other movie "The Passion of the Christ".

Beautiful impressive movie!


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