(Review originally written at 24 July 2004)

Incredible stupid B-action movie with some Playstation like special effects but still entertaining.

What surprised me about "Escape From L.A." was how incredible B-movie like this movie was. Everything about it was extremely medi-core and some things were simply extremely horrible. I kept waiting for Jean-Claude van Damme to show up! It was that horrible at times...

A.J. Langer was painful to watch and Georges Corraface was a stupid standard villain. Further more there are needless characters and the movie is filled with stupid 5 seconds cameo's from famous people who are billed first in the opening credits. Yes, only exception was Bruce Campbell who is always great to see in a cameo. Snake Plissken is still one cool guy but a bit silly and over the top cool at times.

Far from a good movie but also not that painful to watch. Still worth seeing for the fans of the genre.


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