(Review originally written at 15 February 2005)

This movie shows that all you need to make a good movie is a good story.

The story of the movie is absolutely brilliant and seriously one of the best of the last couple of years. It is simply brilliant and entertaining to see how all the story-lines are connected. All of the fun characters make all of the story-lines equally great and entertaining. The movie is great from start till finish and never weakens a bit. The movie has a high pace and the light fun atmosphere make this movie a pleasure to watch, as does the brilliant British humor. The story might become a bit too complex and hard to follow at times but with a clear head you should be able to see and appreciate the brilliance of it all.

Hollywood can learn something from movies like this.

It really is a movie that you'll enjoy watching over and over again because of its high entertainment value. It certainly is a movie I want to see again. Surprisingly I even think that this might be one of my favorite movies now.

How many times have I said the word brilliant now? Well, let me say it one more time because this movie truly is; Brilliant!


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