(Review originally written at 15 February 2005)

The humor is good and typical British. Most of the jokes work really well, it's just too bad that some of the sketches are dragging on for too long and the movie itself feels a bit long.

Man oh man, let me start of by saying that Peter Cook and Dudley Moore are horrible actors. It was really painful to watch at times for me but since this is a comedy, the acting really is secondary. The real power of course lies in its jokes and one-liners. Who cares really that Dudley Moore and Peter Cook weren't the world finest actors?

The quality of the most sketches is good even though some of course are better than others. But like I said it drags on for a bit too long at times, some more pace wouldn't had been such a bad idea at times. After 2 sins I already got a bit tired thinking about it that I had to watch 5 more sins but luckily the movie never really weakens and keeps you watching to the end.

It is a very recommendable movie to kill some time with, also because of Raquel Welch small role!


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