(Review originally written at 15 February 2005)

Movie lovers will appreciate this movie far better than the lets say the average teenager. "Hulk" is very different than any other superhero movie from the last couple of years. The movie is not aimed for the average teenagers audience that liked movies like "X-Men" and "X2", "Hulk" has more drama than action and more substance than entertainment.

I really like what Ang Lee made of this movie. He gave the characters some real depth and the story emotion. The use of the special effects are subtle and not made to impress the audience with but are really used as a tool to tell the story, unlike many other movies from the same superhero genre. All in all this movie might very well the best comic book adaptation so far, with a real good comic book atmosphere.

The thing I liked most about this movie was the editing. I was really disappointed that this movie didn't even got an Oscar nomination for best editing. It might very well be the best I've seen in a movie and lots of wonderful editing tricks are used to give this movie an extra kind of comic book feeling.

I didn't expected too much from Danny Elfman's musical score, particularly not after "Spider-Man" that in my opinion had a weak unfitting score. But I should had known better, after all this is that man that also brought us the famous "Batman" music. The score for "Hulk" really was excellent and is one I enjoy listening to.

Nick Nolte really was a pleasure to watch in this movie but oh boy did he looked sick (that was because he was constantly drunk on the set), he completely played Eric Bana of the screen at the end.

This movie is recommendable to everyone as long as you are not expecting a superhero movie with lot's of action and special effects and a stereotype villain. I really hope "Hulk 2" will be made some day, with Ang Lee at the helm again.


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