(Review originally written at 30 May 2006)

In the '90's the Scream trilogy meant the revival of the horror genre and teen-horror in particular. After that lots of horror movie were created that all were very much alike and of average (at best) quality. "Final Destination" however is one fine exception and it distinct itself from other genre movies through its originality. I consider "Final Destination" to be one of the most refreshing and original horror movies of this decade.

It's not a horror movie with monsters or scary serial killers. It's a movie with an invisible villain; death itself, which is determined to kill everyone that escaped his clutches. It's a great and original concept that is executed even better as expected. The fact that the 'villain' is invisible provides the movie with some moments that makes this movie distinct itself from any other movie out of the same genre.

Reason why this movie was even better than I anticipated were the deaths in this movie. Every death in the movie is highly complex and wonderfully constructed and executed. You know something bad is going to happen but you never know how and when. Therefor the deaths and way of death all still come as a surprise. It makes the movie very tense and also both scary and gory to watch at times.

The movie starts of with a spectacular (but still obviously 'low' budget) plane crash. Fortunately after its beginning the movie doesn't loose any of its pace and the movie mostly remains spectacular to watch throughout its running time, which is only 98 minutes short.

All of the actors are obvious B-movie material, which is fine and works out really well for a genre movie like this one. Don't get me wrong, the acting is not bad but none of the actors will win any big award, or star in a blockbuster any time soon. Fine exception, I must admit, perhaps was Seann William Scott who plays a fun role and perhaps shows his very best acting skills yet, in this movie.

The movie has some awkward moments and some weak dialog and character treatment at times but thankfully it doesn't really make the movie any less entertaining or good to watch.

An highly recommendable, refreshingly original horror flick that surpasses almost every other horror movie of this decade, so far.


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