(Review originally written at 26 May 2006)

The movie starts of as a really promising science-fiction/thriller in the same style as movies such as "Invasion of the Body Snatchers". Judging by just the first halve of the movie, this movie could had really grown into a science-fiction classic, if only the second halve of the movie had been just as good instead of just utterly ridicules and unlikely as it was.

"Village of the Damned", of which this movie loosely is a sequel, already wasn't exactly a masterpiece but it still grew out to be a classic, mainly thanks to its atmosphere and original story. "Children of the Damned" is in many ways similar to its predecessor. It has a promising concept and story but the execution of it all is just plain weak at times, which makes "Children of the Damned" nothing more than just an average science-fiction flick that just doesn't leave a lasting- or good impression.

I loved were the movie was heading to in the beginning. The story seemed promising and it all seemed like good enough material to make a good and pleasant horror like science-fiction movie with. But then suddenly the movie takes a not so positive turn, from the moment on when the children hide in the church. The story becomes utterly ridicules from that moment on and on top of that it also becomes uninteresting and not always totally understandable. I still don't exactly understand what the purpose and plan of the children was because the second halve of the movie is told so weak and ridicules. The movie had potential but all of that is ruined in its second halve.

The acting was quite solid and the movie had some good and interesting characters in it, that deserved a better character-treatment.

There still are some good and memorable moments in the movie and fans of British science-fiction/horror will still find plenty to enjoy in this movie but it just isn't one of those movies that leaves a very big impression. The story-telling, in especially its second halve, is far too weak for that.

Just as bad/good as its predecessor.


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