(Review originally written at 30 May 2006)

This is most definitely not one of the best or most memorable Laurel & Hardy shorts. It doesn't really have enough slapstick in it and the comical situations, although good, feel far fetched and perhaps a bit awkward, especially toward the ending.

They could have done something more interesting with the concept of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy joining the police force. They get themselves into some comical and dumb situations but it all is perhaps a bit too formulaic. That is the main reason why "Midnight Patrol" is an enjoyable but at the same time very forgettable Laurel & Hardy shorts.

Lloyd French never was the best or most consistent director of Laurel & Hardy movies. His movies are certainly enjoyable but lacking in originality or true creativity at the same time.

I'm beginning to sound negative but of course this movie is not an horrible one to watch. Mainly the Laurel & Hardy fans will still find plenty to enjoy in this movie, although also they have to admit that this is far from the best and/or most memorable Laurel & Hardy shorts.


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