(Review originally written at 17 April 2004)

Nothing about this movie is above average. Average action, average performance's and an average story make this movie a...well, average one.

It seemed like John Woo was holding back. A shame. Nowhere in the movie can you see his unique action style except for a few (too few) trademark John Woo slow motion scene's that aren't original or spectacular enough. The only really spectacular scene was the plane crash in the beginning, after that the movie only goes downhill.

Who's crazy idea was it to cast Christian Slater for the role of the hero? It was an horrible choice! But luckily the movie focuses a bit more on the main villain played by John Travolta, who is about the only interesting thing about the movie. He is a really cool villain, cool enough to save this movie of being a disaster.

The story is simple and not always likely and/or interesting and of course they also managed to put a female character and love story in it. Typical Hollywood-stuff.

Average but still somewhat at times entertaining action-flick but in no way a must see.

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