(Review originally written at 17 April 2004)

All of the Indiana Jones movie are very well known for their very high entertainment level. "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" is no exception despite the dark undertone of the movie.

Granted, that after "Raiders of the Lost Ark" this movie might seem a little bit of a disappointment but that means in no way that this is a bad movie. Not at all.

Still for some reason this movie is lacking the "Indy" feeling for me that both "Raiders" and "The Last Crusade" have. Maybe it is because of the absence of Denholm Elliot, John Rhys-Davies or maybe there isn't enough comedy, or maybe it is because of the fact that the movie mostly takes place at one place instead of over the entire world, or maybe it is because of the lack of a main villain, or the lack of stereotype Nazi's? Who knows but fact is that out of the so far three made Indy movies this is the worst.

Spielberg still knows to create some memorable scene's, out of the three Indy movies this one might very well have the most memorable scene's. The opening dancing number, the dinner scene, the ritual scene's, the mine car chase, the famous bridge ending. Still the movie isn't the most popular probably due to the dark undertone of it. Further more I have to add that it's a shame that some of the scene's are highly unrealistic even for an adventure movie.

The cast is fine. Harrison Ford really seemed to feel comfortable in his Indiana Jones outfit. Ke Huy Quan plays surprising good, mostly his types of character are annoying but he pulls of very well and the way his almost father/son like relationship with Indiana Jones is portrayed is done very well in a typical Spielberg kind of way. Kate Capshaw might not be the best Indy girl but she still provides some comical relief at times. Another actor that deserves credit is Amrish Puri as Mola Ram who has become one of the most memorable villains in movie history probably due to his weird looking appearance.

Despite its darkness still one of the most entertaining movies ever made.


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