(Review originally written at 17 April 2004)

Instead of being original the movie recycles too many jokes from the previous Austin Powers movie. Not that that takes away the fun of it of course.

Once again the movie is full with the most craziest characters and jokes. A positive addition to the movie are the characters Mini-me and Fat Bastard. All of the other main characters from the first movie are also back again in this one and once again more than enough cameo's with a fun part for Tim Robbins as the president of the United States.

The movie tries nowhere to surpass its predecessor mainly because it plays at safe, meaning that it doesn't try out anything new or something that hasn't been done before in the previous Austin Powers movie, with as a result a not so original but still fun movie.

Of course the quality of the movie and story isn't always very high and some of the jokes are simply lame but on the other hand there are more than enough other jokes that are hilarious. It is a movie that is so dumb that it is actually funny.

If you liked the first one you'll also like this one and will be worth your time watching, otherwise just skip it.

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