(Review originally written at 8 July 2003)

First of all I don't understand why people call this movie a thriller, I see it as just another action movie. If this is a thriller then so is Die Hard...

The story is actually pretty standard and full with cliché moments that all have been done before. However the movie still knows how to be original and still has some surprising moments in it. The biggest strength is the cast, Samuel L. Jackson and Kevin Spacey are awesome together! J.T. Walsh is always excellent and so is he in this one, in one of his last movies before his sudden death in 1998. Without the wonderful cast the movie would just have been another Die Hard clone.

The movie starts good and promising but after a while the story descents into cliché moments and what follows are some action sequences that in my opinion are poorly done and nothing we haven't seen before. The ending is pretty far fetched and in my opinion very unbelievable. The movie is also a bit too long and could and should have been shorter.

Still I like this movie and I can still recommend it to you.


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