(Review originally written at 8 July 2003)

The combination of humor and action is excellent!

The movie begins great and it's too bad that later on it becomes a macho style action movie with very unbelievable stunts and unlikely situations. Maybe with a different director it would have been a better movie and maybe then I would rank it higher on my favorite action movie list.

Nevertheless the movie is still entertaining and worth watching which is mainly because of Samuel L. Jackson's character, his one-liners are pure gold! Also Brian Cox's character is more then excellent and both provide the funny and the best moments of the movie. Geena Davis however is not the most talented actress I've ever seen but she pulls off the action sequences quite well.

The movie also lacks some good villains and their motives are a bit unlikely even for an action movie.

Nevertheless still better then the average action movie and the movie ends with one of the most spectacular explosions I've ever seen. Yep, Renny Harlin sure knows how to use and make explosions (also see Cutthroat Island and Die Hard 2 to know what I'm talking about)

Nice action flick!


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