(Review originally written at 7 July 2003)

The idea of making a sequel to "Jaws" wasn't bad, however you need to have a better story then this if you want to make it a decent movie.

It could have been worse. For instance imaging it wouldn't have Roy Scheider and all the other characters and actors from the original in it. A big plus is that it also have the special comedy elements in it that the original also had, without it it would have been a terribly boring movie to watch. Another thing that makes the movie worth watching is the fact that John Williams did the musical score again.

However the idea of letting the movie evolve around a group of teenagers on boats was a very very bad idea and made this movie just an average B-monster movie. The story also lacks the tension and the scary moments that the original all had and some of the dialog is just laughable.

Still the movie isn't that bad, somehow it knows to manage to create the same special atmosphere that the original had. However it just misses the great main characters of the original as Quint and Hooper, instead now we've got Jackie, Polo, Timmy and all those other teenagers that are nowhere interesting and special enough. It makes the movie just silly.

Nowhere as good as the original but still a decent movie that lacks some things of the original.


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