Meh, I am not hating on this movie, but calling it a good one would also be a stretch.

It is easy to hate on any modern, low-budget, horror flick, but it often is with reason. By far, the majority of them are absolutely terrible and formulaic ones. I can't really call this movie a formulaic one as well though. This is both a good and bad thing about it. Good, because it means that this movie is more original and less predictable than the average genre attempt and bad because, well, its originality just doesn't also work out too well for the movie.

The entire movie feels a bit messy and lacks some good focus at parts. It also is hard to categorize this movie, since it is attempting to do an awful lot of things. It most definitely also isn't very effective as a horror movie, which probably is going to be the foremost reason why most people are going to hate on it.

This is not quite a haunted house flick. Not quite a monster flick and not quite a possession flick either. It in a lot of ways is more a thriller than a horror movie really, while still featuring plenty of horror aspects in it. It however handles most of its horror aspects poorly, in the sense that it fails to ever create any good suspense or successful scares with it. It also isn't a particularly gory or otherwise shocking horror movie. So yes really, as a horror movie it falls quite short. It also takes a few too many twists and turns with this movie, which makes it far from the most convincing movie. It is part of the reason why the movie also feels quite messy at parts.

The movie more than once takes a sudden leap and expects the viewers to simply go along with things. Well, not this viewer. The movie often felt far too nonsensical and random with some of its developments. It makes the movie somewhat original and unexpected, but unfortunately not always in a very good and effective way as well.

It still remains a pretty decent movie to look at. The directing, cinematography and all really isn't anything too bad. It most certainly is better and more professional looking than just the average low-budget genre attempt, but that unfortunately at the same time remains the only thing that makes this movie stick out above the average genre attempt.

Truly, I never hated watching this movie, but it obviously isn't much of a good one neither.


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