Is being different and original enough to be good as well? Not always. You often still need to be engaging and interesting as well as a movie in order for things to fully work out. Different and original is something that this movie got right, but engaging and interesting is something that it only sporadically succeeds at.

And well, I say that this movie is original, but at the same time it is also very obvious that it 'borrows' heavily from other, better known, science-fiction movies. It however still manages to bring things in a fresh and original enough way for me to call this movie an original one. It is certainly different from the average low-budget genre attempt, which in this case works out positively.

Story-wise this isn't necessarily a complex movie to follow, but it still decides to tell things in a needlessly convoluted way, no doubt in an attempt to appear more smart and deep than it in fact truly is. It is somewhat annoying to see this movie repeat itself at times with some of its themes and story elements. It doesn't always feel like the movie is going froward, which at times causes you to lose interest.

On the other hand the story luckily still manages to provide plenty of original and interesting aspects as well. It in way is the most predictable movie around, mostly because it really seems to be doing its own thing. Not all of the twists work out as well as the other, but it gives you enough to consider this movie to be an effective and original enough one.

It does a pretty decent job building its mystery and tension, though it mostly does this by simply being as vague and slowly paced as possible. A bit of cheap and simple trick, but it is something that nevertheless works out well, for most part. It always gives you just enough to remain interest in the movie, though it at the same time definitely feels like the movie isn't always giving you enough and deliberately holding back to stall for time. It does feel a bit like a stretched out movie at parts, but I am not complaining too much about it.

It also definitely is a good and professional looking movie, despite its low-budget. It of course really helps that the movie is mostly set at just one location, but the camera-work, editing and set design remain well done, nevertheless. The thing that is still bringing the movie a down a bit is the acting. It actually is quite weak at times, especially during the more important and emotional parts of the movie. It doesn't make this the best or most convincing movie to watch, but luckily there still remains enough there to consider this movie to be a decent and watchable enough one.

Not the best science-fiction you will ever see, but it definitely is a good and watchable one, especially when you are in the mood for something different.


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