This movie should have never been made, which seems like a harsh statement, but what I mean by that is that its story is way bigger and more spectacular than its budget ever allows it to be, making this movie a bit of a failed attempt, with plenty of wasted potential in it.

Thing I can't deny is that this movie is pretty original one with its concept and story. It is also the main thing that still keeps this movie still pleasant and decent enough to watch, but unfortunately it still isn't quite enough to make the movie a truly fully effective and great one.

One of the problems with the movie is that it appears to feature a totally wrong tone and style for its story. Tonally the movie appears as a very realistic and serious one, while its story is, well, extremely far fetched. It is not just a silly action flick, but most definitely a silly science-fiction movie as well with its story. Despite having a silly story the movie itself never manages to work out as anything fun to watch as well. It takes itself far too seriously, which to me was the biggest flaw of the movie.

But it is not the only thing that makes this movie a quite flawed one. A thing about its story is that it features a bigger than life type of plot, about the end of the world. Yet we never get to see the gravity of things, since most of the story takes place in or around an ambulance. It is not necessarily a bad approach, but it is for this movie. It shows barely any destruction, no real danger or despair and the movie also basically is devoid of any sort of tension because of that. This is the type of movie that really could have some big action set pieces and other exaggerated moments and characters. The movie however remains quite tame, simplistic and 'small', despite the fact that the characters try to prevent an apocalypse.

Which brings me to the characters; that are a bit of a problem for this movie as well. It does a fairly good job handling its main character, played by Vicky Jeudy, but it totally forgot about all of the other ones, or it at least seemed that way. This movie basically only has three characters in it to begin with, which also definitely seems a few too little for a movie like this. Where is the villain, for instance? It only features some nameless and faceless villains in it, which also doesn't add anything to the movie its suspense in this case. There never is any sense of real danger or urgency throughout this movie.

It also really doesn't help that the actor portraying Armstrong is real weak in his role. He is supposed to be a hero, I guess, but his character really is hard to like, which is mostly due to the uncharismatic and poor acting by Shawn Parsons. His character is also key to the concept of the movie working out. Needless to say it doesn't and unfortunately the movie is just mostly silly and far fetched than exciting or very convincing, when it comes down to its story.

Certainly original and with plenty of good ideas in it, but the movie as a whole just doesn't quite work out as either a good action- or science-fiction flick. Still somewhat decent, but certainly nothing too memorable, exciting or fun to watch.


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