This movie has nothing to do with the TV series "Bad Blood", though its title (probably deliberately) makes it seem that way. It is actually a pretty original take on a werewolf movie, though original doesn't always equal good, as this movie clearly demonstrates.

The movie is stuck somewhere between being an amateur- and a low-budget production. It is as bad as an amateur movie at times, while at others it still remains better looking than the average low-budget horror attempt. Some good moments mixed in with some bad ones, though in the end it definitely are the bad moments that outweigh the good ones.

I like and appreciate how this movie is really trying to do its own thing with its story and horror approach. I just can't say that it works out as anything too effective as well. The movie feels messy with its story and characters and it just isn't always very good or fun to watch. The story itself remains pretty formulaic and straight-forward enough, but the movie features all sorts of needlessly complicated and random approaches to it that the movie still manages to feel confusing and messy at parts.

It most definitely is not a standard horror movie, with a mysterious and suspenseful build up and plenty of scares. It simply is a movie that features a werewolf concept in it, without ever truly turning into a horror movie as well. Sure, there is some gore but I am still reluctant to call this movie a 'real' horror movie. This is not a complaint by the way, but I am just telling you what to expect and perhaps more importantly, what not to expect from this movie.

One of the reasons why it feels like a messy one at parts is because the movie lacks some good characters in it. Not only are all of the characters poorly developed and played by some truly bad actors, the movie itself also seems to be really struggling with its characters. It just doesn't know what to do with them. The movie definitely lacks a good main hero and main villain. It never seems to be able to focus on any of the characters, which is one of the reasons why the movie feels all over the place with its story at parts.

It in some regards still remains a pretty interesting movie. I mean, there are plenty of good ideas in it and it most definitely is being original with its approach, but even by amateur/low-budget standards this movie remains nothing more but an ultimately weak and messy effort, that just isn't worth recommending to anyone.


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