Come to think of it; there are hardly any good horror-comedies out there. It is because comedy rarely enhances horror and horror rarely enhances any comedy. The two genres are hard to combine, or at least much harder than it at first sight would seem like. This movie is not a bad attempt at combining the two, but it is also more a comedy than a horror really, which makes the movie fun to watch, but never anything too exciting or scary as well.

The movie doesn't even start off as a horror/slasher. It is a full blown comedy that at the same time slowly and suddenly turns into a horror/slasher as well. This is supposed to add to the fun and surprises of the movie, but it mostly feels too sudden and random all. The build up isn't anything too strong, causing all of the horror and slasher elements to work out mostly ineffective. It tries to shock, but by being over-the-top with both its developments as well as slasher moments things come across as forced, silly and therefore also ineffective, as far as all of the horror is concerned.

All of that still doesn't mean that the movie is a bad one to watch as well though. As a comedy it is a significantly better movie to watch and it also obviously helps to make the movie a fun one. The concept and approach to the movie is pretty original and creative, making this movie unique enough within its genre.

One of the things that is especially original about this movie is its main character. Instead of picking an annoying teen the movie picks a young teen as the movie its main protagonist. A 12-year old boy, who is somewhat naive but is definitely able to stand its ground. And so does the actor portraying him, Judah Lewis. It is a good main character, who is never too childish and definitely carries this, adult orientated, movie, without going for any of the usual clichés you expect to get from a movie of this sort.

The acting in general is pretty good in this movie, all throughout and all across the board. Some of the characters aren't all that well developed and they are definitely some exaggerated as well as cliché ones, but they work out well and entertaining because of the acting. In a lot of ways this movie feels like a parody of a slasher, without ever ridiculing anything. It is simply having some fun with its genre ingredients, while being pretty creative and original with them as well.

But like I said; just don't expect any good horror from this movie. Sure, there is plenty of blood and violence, but its all part of its comedy really. As a comedy it is a rather simplistic and straightforward one, but it still manages to bring plenty of originality and entertainment to the table.


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