First of all, I can definitely understand why most actors love to appear in a movie such as this one. It is a real 'actors movie', that is very character driven. A very talkative movie, that isn't necessarily even about its story, but more about its characters who help to let its story move along. Having said that, movies like this aren't always fun and great to watch for the viewers as well, as this movie clearly demonstrates.

Guess every actor would love to make their "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?", especially those with a love for theatre. A movie about a bunch of characters coming together, classing and going through some interesting transformations. And well, while some of those things to happen in this movie, it unfortunately fails to ever turn into a very compelling movie as well. It is a mostly ineffective one, that feels far too pointless with all of its characters and developments.

A problem with this movie definitely is its amount of characters. I can't even begin to count the amount of different characters, each with their own issues and story lines, while the movie in fact also remains a rather short one. In other words; this movie is cramped. It never allows anything or anyone to develop into anything remotely engaging. It even is hard to keep track of things, since there is far too much happening, while not even following much of a clear main plot line. Things just happen, while characters keep talking, bickering and having sex with each other, all over the place. Sounds very artsy and dirty, but the movie isn't even that. It is an incredibly tame movie, that constantly is holding back with all of its themes. A very mundane movie, that never does anything edgy, original or too surprising.

I still can't hate on this movie though. I definitely still had a somewhat good time with it even, which yes, is mostly due to the acting. I mean, Glenn Close, John Malkovich, Patrick Stewart, how could you possibly mess things up with a cast such as that in it? Well, the movie nearly manages to do just that, but luckily not quite. It allows its actors plenty of room to do their thing. The movie has some very 'loose' acting in it and it probably also is true that there weren't always keeping to the script. It is part of the reason why the movie feels somewhat messy and without focus at times, but at the very same time it also is the one thing that still makes this movie remotely pleasant and decent to watch. Something very enjoyable about watching some fine actors do their very own thing, without getting restrained by a script or strict director.

This very 'free' approach also means though that the comedy-writing falls kind of flat, all throughout. I just can't really say that it ever becomes a very funny movie to watch, despite the fact that this movie obviously was going for a comedic and very light approach. One of the reasons why it also feels far too safe and tame with any of its themes and characters.

It is not really a movie I would ever recommend to anyone but it nevertheless remains somewhat decent to watch when you are in the mood for some fine acting and a movie that feels far more like a stage-play.


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