Female comedies are hot, and more so than ever before. In a way it is still something that the large portion of the (male) crowd has to grow accustomed to, since it definitely changes things around, by showing things from a totally different perspective from the more familiar and 'old fashioned' comedies, starring a mostly male cast.

Different story lines, different characters, different humor. But it still all comes down to this; is the movie good and funny enough? If yes, than it is a successful one and it truly doesn't matter if its main characters are male, female, or volleyballs. If no, than its an unsuccessful one and it truly doesn't matter neither if its main characters are male, female, or volleyballs.

This movie definitely tries to ride the train- and cash in on the success of movies such as "Bridesmaids" and "Bad Moms". I mean, it even isn't very subtle about it. Sure, the story is different but the style and characters really are all the same. It is 'funny' how these type of movies often feature the same sort of the characters in them; a wild one, a naive one, a more normal/grounded one and than there still is the obligatory more chubby female friend as well. This in other words really isn't being a very original movie within its story, but I wish I could say that that is being the only problem with this movie.

Its main concept appears very flawed to begin with. It basically is just about a bunch of mothers (and the emphasis gets constantly put on this) acting incredibly immature and irresponsible. Really, I know that it is all supposed to be part of the fun of the movie, but it is truly hard to ever care for any of the characters because of their actions and personalities. There hardly are any good redeeming qualities about any of them. The characters only become more annoying as the movie- and they progress, instead of becoming more likable and interesting.

But part of this really is due to its story. And wow, does this movie feature a messy story in it. It is almost as if it got shot without a script and the 4 main actresses had to improvise their way through this movie. It often feels far to random, which should have added to the fun and whole 'adverterous' feeling and aspects of the movie, but it really just merely makes it messy and confusing. Scenes seem out of place, moments too random and insignificant to the story as a whole and the characters keep making the dumbest and most unlikely decisions, all throughout. And again, instead of this adding to the fun of the movie, it only makes it an annoying and at times even quite dreadful one to watch.

The movie truly lacks some focus. There isn't really a main plot line, which obviously is part of the reason why it often feels all over the place with its story. Most of the time I am also really not able to tell what this movie is trying to do or say with some of its sequences. It is quite pointless all and too often doesn't add up to anything. As a whole, it makes the movie messy and an even quite unpleasant one.

Big problem with its comedy also really is that it just isn't ever anything all that funny. It mostly relies on the dialog and the delivery by its four main leads. The dialog however too often is far too weak to work out as either fun or convincing and it again seems that its four leading ladies are ad-libbing their way through this movie, in an effort to spice things up and make things more fun. It however feels too forced and the main actresses are never capable of making any of the scenes work out as anything hilarious, or even remotely funny enough. Still not sure if this was the actors their fault as well though. They simply had no good script or direction to work with.

Weak and incredibly messy. Not just as a comedy, but as a movie in general.


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