Not every animated movie is a Disney. This can either mean something positive or negative, however in this case it means both.

Plenty of things to like about this movie, but also plenty of things that I am still scratching my head over. Fist of all; I really don't know who this movie is made for. It is not quite a kids movie, but not quite a movie for merely adults either. Some incredibly childish aspects about this movie, but then there are some surprisingly scary, violent and bloody moments in the movie as well, making this movie most definitely not suitable for the very young ones. Guess it is fair to say that this movie is for the lovers of the animation genre, regardless of sex and age.

That still doesn't make the movie less 'confusing' and focused though. It is a bit of a mishmash of different animated movie elements, that sometimes go together very well, but at others still make the movie a bit weak to watch at times. The movie basically is a combination of fantasy/fairy tale world like elements and more dark and sinister adventure movie and more video game-like elements. It is as if the movie itself also doesn't really know what it wants to be. Fun and entertaining or spectacular and engaging. It attempts to be all, without ever combining all of the elements in a very natural and successful way.

The movie also takes far too long to set its story up. The build up for animated movies usually is fast and snappy and throws you right into the midst of things, but this movie really takes its time to set up its story and characters, without being too apparent where it is taking things. This can be seen as a positive approach, but I feel that for a short animated movie this really isn't the right sort of approach. It even makes the first 20 minutes of the movie somewhat redundant to watch, despite the fact that all of the main characters get introduced in it.

Not only the story is a mishmash, but also its animations. Some of the character look like they come straight out of a fantasy-video game, while others are more realistic and some are very cartoony. It is almost as if three separated studios worked on this movie, independently from each other. It truly is a bit weird to watch all, but luckily the movie gets saved by the fact that it still at all times remains a very appealing one to look it. The animations are definitely good, especially all of the backgrounds. The characters animations and movements are besides very smooth looking as well, which really brings them all to live, even if the story doesn't really.

It maybe sounds like I absolute he this movie, but I really don't. It is just that it is an odd combination of many different elements, that don't always gel very well. It however remains a perfectly fine and entertaining little adventure movie to watch, with some wonderful looking animations. I certainly don't regret watching it and had a pretty good time with.

Certainly a watchable animated movie, especially if you are into the genre of course. Not too sure about it if its good for little children as well though.


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