While they aren't a lot of movies about playing video games around, it still is fair to say that this one isn't among the better ones. It however remains entertaining all throughout, making this movie still worth watching.

Lets just say that this movie ain't no "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World", while this movie very obviously got inspired by it, especially visually. It doesn't make this the most original movie to watch, but it luckily still does have plenty of creativity of its own in it. It does successfully combine real-life and video game elements, which is the one main thing where the movie draws most of its fun from. It isn't necessarily the writing or characters that make this a good and entertaining movie to watch. The humor actually is quite lame at parts, since the movie tries a bit too hard at times. It certainly isn't the most subtle or realistic movie around, which of course is fine for a comedy, but it still gets in its way from ever turning into a true great movie.

I liked how the movie was all about its main character being into video games, while the biggest and weirdest adventure of his life happened while being offline. I only hope that the movie wasn't trying to send out a serious message with it though, about playing less online and going more outside at times. Nothing wrong with the message itself, but the events that happen in this movie are so incredibly far fetched that it doesn't make this message the most effect and realistic. But who knows, maybe the movie was just merely trying to tell a good and fun movie with its story. I certainly hope so.

The adventure aspects are all very exaggerated, but this is what actually adds to the fun of the movie. The movie is obviously targeted toward a young teen crowd, but this movie is evenly perfectly fine and watchable for those who are a bit older and not into video games at all. The video game aspects about the movie aren't surprisingly lame either. It is obvious that the film-makers knew what they were doing and video games- and the online world weren't no strangers to them.

The movie as a whole remains a pretty well made one. It has a good, snappy pace and style to it and it is good to see how the movie doesn't slow down for anything. That means it doesn't have too many needless distraction in it, such as pointless side-plots and characters. It is true that in a way the movie remains a bit too simplistic and straightforward as well with its story. I mean, once you really start analyzing things, there really isn't all that much to either its story or characters. It has a lot to cover up for this though, such as its earlier mentioned style and pace. It is a visually very appealing movie to look it. A very colorful movie without being too cartoony.

Never a great movie, but luckily at all times a good and entertaining one to watch.


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