Most people are probably going to think it is crazy, but I quite liked this movie. Maybe even more than just 'liked'!

It is crazy, it is weird, but I love it! This is the kind of stuff they used to make in the '80's and even still till this very day has a following. The kind of exaggerated horror, that is far more like a comedy, in the vein of movies like "Re-Animator" and "The Toxic Avenger" for instance. The gore, the humor, the characters. It all is very over-the-top, which not everybody is going to like, but for the lovers of the '80's horror genre this movie is going to be an absolute treat. Not that the movie ever reaches an absolute level of greatness, but it is a nice throwback to the movies of the '80's. These type of movies usually aren't great anyway, but at least they are very fun to watch. That of course is also really worth something.

Thing that especially makes this movie work is the obvious fact that it is made by a bunch of people with a love for the genre and movies in particular. This also can be dangerous though. Creating a movie as a love letter can backfire and make a movie incredibly shallow and unappealing to watch, since it isn't doing enough on its own. This movie definitely does plenty of original and creative things on its own though, which again, some people are just going think is weird, but others are absolutely going to love. Especially the gore is incredibly good and enjoyable to look at.

This still so very easily could have turned into a bad and ridicules movie to watch, had its budget and lack of quality gotten in its way. It however 'luckily' is a quite well made movie, with some good directing to it and acting in it, in which its low budget never shines through. At least never in a negative way. The actors never take things too far and instead allows its story and visuals to speak for itself. And it really is appealing movie to look at, not just with its gore and effects but also its cinematography and some good, smooth, editing.

The story is deliciously nonsensical, but what is more important is that it works out engaging enough all. Really, nothing too clever or fancy, but it works anyway. It is all a bit too random- and the main plot line isn't solid enough to call this an absolutely great genre flick, but I genuinely do believe that the lovers of the genre should be able to get plenty of enjoyment out of this movie.

A really good- but above all really fun and entertaining movie, for what it is. Don't let its terrible and cheap looking cover scare you off!


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