Not that I remember much about it, but the previous 'Chucky' movie, "Curse of Chucky", was a surprisingly good and creative one, so I definitely wasn't opposed yet another sequel. This movie however, as it turned out, is nothing more but a very standard horror flick, that isn't really doing anything new, but definitely also never anything too great neither.

It is not a terrible movie, but it most certainly is a disappointing one. Both as a comedy and horror movie it falls short and the movie seems to have no idea how to spice things up and make it all both interesting and original enough to watch.

First of all, a problem with this movie are its settings. It limits itself too much by letting most of the movie take place inside of an insane asylum, which besides is one of the biggest horror clich├ęs in the book. Well, at least it isn't an 'In space' sequel, but I don't want to give Don Mancini any ideas...By letting the movie take place in an asylum the movie feels too enclosed. It only has an handful of different characters in it and there is only so much you can do with them and your horror between four walls. It is part of the reason why the movie fails to surprise and the horror falls flat.

The 'Chucky' series is known for both its classic horror character as well as its very distinctive humor. The movie also tries hard to combine its horror and comedy in an effective way, but it mostly really doesn't work out too well. It never knows how to set up a good an atmosphere and build up any good suspense and mystery with its story. It never scares, which also is partly due to the fact the movie fails to surprise with anything. Its comedy doesn't work out much better though, which is mostly due to the writing but also because of the lack of any good characters. Even Chucky comes across as a disappointing character.

It is crazy. This movie stars series regulars Brad Dourif, Jennifer Tilly and Alex Vincent, among others in it, yet the movie fails to live up to the charm and fun of any of the other previous movies. This mostly is due to the fact that all of them actually play small parts in it and none of them seem at place, as weird as that may sound. The fact that their roles are far too small is only part of the problem, but what is worse and even more weird is that all of them seem to act in totally separate and different movies. It is as if all of the Tilly scenes got done in January, while of the Vincent scenes were done in December, without even a finished script ready at the time. It is a bit of a messy movie, that does seem to have some good ideas in it, but none of it really ever comes together.

But again, it is not like this is a totally terrible movie to watch. It obviously doesn't take itself too serious, which also means that the movie is more fun and entertaining to watch than just the average genre attempt. Some of the killings and gore is pretty decent as well, though it is nothing that is going to excite the lovers of it too much. Just as the rest of the movie; it is all a bit too standard and far from anything new or surprising, despite its obviously still original main concept of having a killer doll.

The pace of the movie also remains a bit too slow, all throughout. The movie just never seems to be able to get into a decent and pleasant flow with its story. It doesn't make the movie too annoying to watch, but it at times still remains pretty troublesome how it takes the longest time for anything good or fun to happen in it.

Meh, nothing too terrible, but it remains a pretty weak and disappointing entry into the long running 'Chucky' or 'Child's Play' series.


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