In its core this is a fun movie, that however somehow manages to ruin things for itself.

I actually still remember the days Simon West was a big name director, when it come down to action blockbusters. Nowdays he is stuck doing these type of low-budget movies, but what is worse is that his movies just aren't much good to watch. Has he lost it? It certainly seems so. Fundamental things such as storytelling are incredibly messy and jumbled and it has a hard time turning any of its characters into likable ones. It also is disappointing to see how a great action director such as West doesn't even seem to bother with action anymore. Other than its posters perhaps would suggest, there basically is no action in this movie at all, while it really could have used some action moments to spice things up a little. It besides features the type of plot that would have been perfect for a few fist fights, shoot outs and chase scenes, here and there. Instead now the movie features hardly anything in it at all. It is not much of an action movie, not a thriller and certainly no engaging movie to watch either.

This movie truly foremost remains a comedy, but it is hard to see how it is supposed to be funny. It seems to me that the script got written as a somewhat 'serious' and straightforward movie, but the film- makers decided to try and turn it into a silly comedy instead, without any good reason.

The movie problem with the movie really is its main characters, played by Antonio Banderas. While Banderas himself is good, his character is just a far too weird and over-the-top one for this movie. It is a movie with a very grounded approach to it, yet its main character seems like a leftover from an Austin Powers movie. But it is not like his character is the only one that doesn't work. I literally can't name any that does work out well for this movie or even remotely adds anything positive to the story.

In all honesty, the movie still starts off well enough, but it seems to loose focus and steam as it heads on. While it still follows a main story for its first half, it seems to completely abandon it during its second. Things get far too random and nonsensical to enjoy. The second half of this movie actually makes it a nearly unwatchable one.

Not only bad as a comedy, but also really bad as a movie in general.


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