Why watch a movie that plays out by the numbers and offers you absolutely no surprises, whatsoever. I certainly don't have a logical answer to it. Seems to me that even the Lifetime channel crowd should feel disappointed and upset with this movie. It after all isn't only formulaic, it also does an incredibly poor job handling all of its thriller elements.

It is obvious from the start on already who is good. It is obvious who is bad and it is also very obvious what all of the intentions are and how things are going to play-out and eventually end up like. The movie is just far too obvious. And indeed, everything happens and progresses exactly in the way you expect it to. No twists no clever written. You can everything coming from miles away already and the movie just isn't ever very subtle or clever with anything. It certainly goes at the expense of its credibility as well as its 'entertainment' value.

I just don't understand where this movie was supposed to get any of its tension from. There is basically no mystery, since everything gets explained and laid out to you at all times and it does a poor job building up any tension. It is not just because it is a formulaic movie, but also a poorly done one. It has TV-quality written all over and the film-makers were obviously thinking out of the box. They stayed within the lines given to them and they absolutely never attempt to do anything daring or unexpected with any of its plot lines or characters.

But also drama-wise it most definitely is the most engaging movie to watch. The movie basically consists out of a bunch of people constantly talking about- and being concerned about the well being of a baby that isn't even born yet. seriously, this movie is all about pregnancy, but never about any good characters or decent enough drama. It is kind of annoying to watch and listen to really, whenever a character is overreacting again, or being overly concerned just because the baby hasn't been moving for 10 seconds.

The acting is also quite terrible. Again, nothing subtle about this movie. As always, thee just never is any gray area within these Lifetime channel movies. Good characters are extremely good and kind, while bad characters are almost like James Bond villains, doing stuff that never is convincing for these type of movies that are supposed to be realistic and often are based on real life events, such as this movie.

Terrible to watch. Even if the Lifetime channel really is your thing.


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