Just another average teenage comedy, about average teenage things, made by a very average cast and crew. Not surprising to heat that this movie is nothing but average, at best.

Main thing with this movie is that it really isn't doing anything new with anything. The story lines are both typical for a movie like this, as well as incredibly predictable. I don't know what is worse really; the fact that this is such a typical and uninspired one or such a formulaic and predictable one, with basically everything it does. It in any case all ensures that this movie turns into an incredibly mundane and forgettable one.

The right intentions are there. I mean, the movie is trying to send out some positive messages, in a light and fun way, but the problem with all of it just is that all of it has been done to death already. Movies about school popularity, insecurities, love, following your heart, remain true to yourself and all that stuff. However by being so formulaic, as well as exaggerated with its style, characters and story, the messages do kind of fall flat. I honestly can't imaging anyone feeling genuinely inspired or touched by this movie. Not that all movies are supposed to, but this was clearly something this movie was aspiring to do with its story. I besides do feel and believe that the movie misses the mark with some of its messages at times. Everyhing is just a bit too convenient and by constantly changing its main character it also sorts of sends out mixed signals at times.

As simple entertainment it still remains pretty decent to watch. Despite the fact that it is nothing too original, I can still see how some people are going to feel entertained by it. It is not necessarily a very realistic depiction of high school-life, but there is still plenty there for high school students to relate to. The comedy besides remains pretty decent and the movie has some entertaining characters in it.

As a romantic movie it definitely is a much weaker movie. I wasn't really feeling the love between the two main characters, or understood why they fell for each other. For most part of the movie they are so different from each other and seem to share very little similarities. The lack of chemistry between its leads also definitely is a big part of the reason why the whole love story of the movie never quite seems to work out.

The movie also tries a bit too hard to be hip and relevant. Problem with most high school movies is that they get made by people who haven't been a teenager for years already anymore and are a bit out of touch with modern technology and with what is going on in most average teenage lives nowadays. I feel like that is being a bit the case with this movie as well, with all of its YouTube and Internet themes. Besides, the style of the movie isn't all that great neither. It tries to be a slick and fast, but the editing is quite horrible at times, to be frank.

But it above all things mostly remains disappointing to see how this movie isn't trying to do anything daring or surprising with any of its themes. It is a very tame movie, by normal teenage comedy standards, that is clean, without any excessive themes in it. Clean doesn't necessarily equal boring, but it in this case does make things a bit too uninteresting and fun to watch at times. Its cleanness and tameness besides contribute to it that the movie remains a far too predictable one, from start to finish.

Well, it remains a watchable enough movie. Just don't except anything too great or any surprises from it. Entertaining, but not very memorable or all that well done.


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