Is this movie just as awesome as its title? Well, not quite, though it remains a pretty decent movie, for what it is.

Nothing too surprising, nothing too thriller, but it luckily remains a pretty good little TV thriller to watch. It does a pretty decent job with its story and characters, even though the movie never truly impresses you with anything.

It features a pretty classic thriller concept it, that involves stalking and a psycho. In other words; plenty of ingredients to turn this movie in a thriller with lots of suspenseful and good moments. The movie also in fact does a fairly good job with building up its suspense and even though it never manages to surprise you with anything, it never feels like you are watching a terrible genre flick either. It is a pretty well done movie, especially considering the resources and the limitations that TV movies brings with them, such as a lack of violence and blood for instance.

The movie mostly works out well because of its characters. They are exaggerated, but still at the same time never too over-the-top. Heather Morris for instance plays a pretty good 'psycho', who the one moment can be cute and 'normal', while the other she turns manipulative and violent. It is pretty convincing and it never feels like the movie is trying too hard to villainize her. You can even feel somewhat sympathetic towards her, once you get to know more about her character.

The story has a good flow to it and it ensures that there is always plenty happening in the movie. There never is a dull of slow moment in it, which of course is also due to its fairly short running time. It doesn't waste too much time on needless side-plots and characters, though the movie most definitely is not entirely devoid of them. I for instance still don't really understand the point of the Joan Van Ark. It definitely felt and seemed like she was going to be a big and important part of this movie, but in the end it is all far too meaningless and most definitely doesn't live up to its potential, which pretty much sums up this entire movie.

It is nothing too bad, but there is just no way anyone could ever call this a great- or very original and surprising movie as well.


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