Basing an entire drama/thriller centered around sleepwalking, isn't that a bit crazy? Well, yes it is. Not just crazy, but certainly a bit silly as well.

The movie takes a very serious approach with its concept, as if it is following a sort of realistic dramatic story. However very little realistic or even somewhat convincing about its story. It is all incredibly far fetched, its main story as well as all of the developments in it. The developments are actually what makes the movie all the more worse to watch, especially the big twist at the end, which I regardless am not going to spoil for you.

Just nothing tense or exciting about a sleepwalking main character. The things she goes through are not only just unconvincing but also incredibly uninteresting. Both on a dramatic and thriller level this movie falls short. Its lack of good drama ensures that the movie never becomes the most engaging one around and the lack of good thriller elements ensures that the movie never becomes a very tense or exciting one neither.

And what is with the sleepwalking actress anyway? It is very typical for this movie that the sleepwalking itself isn't even all that convincing. She walks around like a zombie, which at times looks unintentionally laughable. Most of the actors are really struggling to deliver any good emotions as well, making this a very flat- as well as very unconvincing movie to watch. It besides doesn't make any of the characters all that likable.

Can't even really say that the film-makers are too blame in this case. They simply shot what they had to shot. It really is the script that doesn't work out and wouldn't have worked out under any other circumstances neither. It is that far fetched, flawed and just plain ridicules. Yes, maybe as a comedy this still could have been a remotely entertaining one, but I even doubt that.

Not necessarily a bad movie, but a very ridicules and silly one instead, in a not so very positive way.


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