Nazi's and horror. What could go wrong? Well, plenty.

No, this is not an absolutely terrible movie, but it does feel like some wasted potential. The movie starts off promising enough, but a slow middle part and a disappointing end makes this movie nothing more but a somewhat OK horror flick, with plenty of flaws in it.

It seems to be a bit confused about what it wants to be. What seems to start off as a slasher, actually turns into a typical haunted house flick, as the movie goes along. It uses a lot of different horror ingredients and approaches to it. A lot of things work, but a lot of things also don't, or don't go along very well with each other. It is a bit of a mishmash of different horror themes, that the one moment is all great and fun to watch, but the next incredibly weak, though it all depends on personal taste of course.

The movie actually starts off promising enough and I much more would have preferred if the entire movie was a period piece, rather than just its first 15 minutes or so. As soon as the movie starts to take place in modern times I started to loose interest in it as well. It became a far too formulaic movie, with uninteresting characters and all of the usual settings and events. That doesn't mean that it is very eventful movie as well though. It was actually weird to see how the movie slowed down after such a fast start. For most part of the movie there really isn't happening all that much in it.

But once the real horror kicks in, it doesn't become much of a better movie really. It is all too clich├ęd, with all of the usual and expected jump scares in it, though I have to admit that the movie remains a pretty well made one, at least visually. It is also one of those modern horror movies that uses tons of CGI, but it is actually something that works well for this movie and it enhances the atmosphere, as well as some of the horror. It also has a good look to it, however don't expect much blood and gore from it.

What is even more disappointing than its middle part is its ending. I just can't even really call it much of an ending. The movie really doesn't seem to know how it should end, so it just simply, well, ends. Nothing wrong with the build up, but the pay off is most definitely lacking. And that pretty much sums up this movie; the build up to most things is pretty decent, but the build up however is too often leading up to nowhere, or just ends up being something disappointing.

It still is really far from the worst genre attempt I have ever seen, but it still doing far too much wrong to consider it to be a watchable enough genre movie.


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