For a movie with such a concept, it is quite surprising to see it taking such a dry and serious approach with its store. It very much has a science-fiction concept, but yet it very rarely feels like a science- fiction movie as well. This can be interpreted as original by some, but to others it will seem like a waste of potential.

I myself am somewhere stuck in the middle. I definitely appreciate the original and fresh take of the movie, but I kept waiting for it to develop into something truly interesting. Despite being original enough, it is not being a very memorable as well, which is kind of ironic, considering how this movie is all about memories and revisiting them.

It is a very slow moving movie, which in itself is not necessarily a problem, since it is done quite well. The directing and acting is all good, but the script provides the movie with far too true excitement and interesting elements. By all means, this should have been a very thought provoking movie and it also definitely seems like the movie is trying to be, but there just is far too little there in the story to let any of its themes work out as truly provoking. While the concept and approach of the movie is original, the movie itself feels far from original, since it isn't doing enough. I am not necessarily calling for more action and spectacle, but I would call this movie a waste of potential, despite never turning into anything terrible to watch. It also seems like it had a hard time marketing itself, which must be part of the reason why it took such a long time to be released.

There is plenty of mystery and in a way this really is a thriller as well, but it is constantly struggling trying to find a right balance between its thriller and more straightforward and standard drama aspects. It is as if the movie is holding back, afraid to become anything suspenseful. It is fine that it keeps focusing more on its drama instead, but it most definitely prevents the movie from truly standing out and become an engrossing movie to watch.

Good news that the acting still makes the movie worthwhile to watch. Especially Peter Dinklage is excellent. I am pretty sure he is going to get an Oscar someday, just not for this movie. He still really carries the movie and helps to keep things doing, despite the movie its slow pace.

What potentially very easily could have been a thought provoking and exciting science-fiction drama mostly remains a slow and dry drama instead. Nothing too bad, but definitely nothing too exciting, engaging and memorable either.


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