Most of these Netflix originals certainly are original, but unfortunately this movie lacks the true quality to ever grow into a great movie as well.

To be fair, the movie starts very promising, which is mostly due to its great- and original main concept. I like where the movie was going, until it suddenly starts to head into all sort of different directions and turned into a muddled mess.

I feel and believe that this movie was fine when it was still being a straightforward and simplistic one. All of the story-elements and characters that later get introduced feel like pointless ones, who only distract from the main story. These pointless distractions, besides muddled, also makes the movie a very unpleasant one to watch. Nothing really clicks anymore after a while, once the story looses track of its main story. The movie got based of a manga, so my guess is that its a part of a long running series. This movie however tries to cram everything into a 100 minute short movie, which is the reason why a lot of elements and characters feel so rushed and totally out of place at times.

It is all a big waste of a fine and interesting concept. It once again is probably true that this would have been far better as a Netflix series, rather than a full length movie. I would have loved to see this movie expand on its main concept, but it rather tries to throw in a bunch of action, suspense and mystery that is all too far fetched and never really in tune with the main concept of the movie. It is just there to spice things up a little bit more, but without making a clear or solid enough connection to its main characters and plot line.

It truly is a movie that is filled with plenty of good ideas and originality and indeed, some element still really work out well. It is a weird but interesting blend of superhero, horror and fantasy elements, set against a dark and grainy backdrop. It also most definitely is a great looking movie. Certainly nothing cheap, complete with some fine looking effects and action moments. It by all means should be a fine movie that would be worth checking out if you are in the mood for something different and original, but I just can't recommend it to anyone. It is far too messy and ineffective, both story- and storytelling-wise, for that.

It maybe isn't the worst movie ever made, but it definitely is a waste of potential and definitely a tough one to watch, due to its poor and rushed storytelling.


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