From a movie with such a generic title such as "The Tank" you would expect nothing more but a formulaic and weak movie. But on the contrary really. "The Tank" is not only an original movie, it also is a surprisingly good and effective one, though it by no means ever becomes a great one as well.

I am so glad they didn't turn this movie into yet another found footage flick, though its concept definitely lends itself perfectly for it. It is a movie set in a closed space, with only a handful of different characters in it. A concept that sounds all too formulaic and familiar, but the fact that it involves a NASA mission and a bunch of solid adult and smart characters ensures that it still works out as an original enough within its genre.

It builds up its tension and mystery pretty well, by constantly feeding its paranoia aspects. It is not a movie with a killer or monster in it (well, spoiler, I guess), but rather a bunch of very relatable characters, who are put in some not so everyday situations. It is mostly a subtle and pretty clever movie with its script, even though it can't always resist the need to take things a bit over-the-top at parts.

It is actually at these moments that the movie also seizes to be not only a credible one but also an engaging one. I really wasn't always with the movie when it kept making twists and turns, in an attempt to spice things up and make things more action-filled and surprising. It takes things a bit too far at times and also definitely stretches things in terms of its credibility.

I still have plenty of admiration for this movie as well. It still really handles its concept well for most part and it besides is a good looking movie. Certainly no average low-budget flick. Granted that didn't need much money to tell its story, but the camera-work, directing, editing, etcetera, all really makes this a good movie to look at.

The movie also has a pretty decent cast, which helps to make this movie a more professional and likable one to watch than just the average genre attempt. They beside help to make its concept believable enough and they keep things going, even when then isn't an awful lot going on with the story.

From a movie with such a concept you can't expect much, both story- and event-wise. I won't say that it is an uneventful movie, but it is not like something spectacular or surprising is happening, every 5 minutes or so. Yet the movie does enough and it most definitely not feel like a slow or boring one. It of course helps that the movie is a rather short one as well. This also prevents the movie from ever turning into a too silly or too far fetched one with anything. Before things start to derail, the movie luckily is over, though I wouldn't exactly call the final few minutes of the movie very satisfying as well. It is as if the movie doesn't really know how to end and is afraid to do anything too daring.

Despite all criticism, I definitely liked watching this movie. It is a good watch, even though it very obviously remains a far from perfect or even great one.


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