It is tough to enjoy and appreciate these Lifetime channel drama's, since they are such incredible mundane ones. In essence they are all they same and never attempt to do anything new or daring. Besides, lets face it, they really aren't among the most effective movies neither.

Thing with these movies is that they are incredibly simplistic and black and white. When someone is good, someone is really good. And when someone is bad, someone is truly evil. There is never any middle ground in this movie with anything, which definitely goes at the expense of the credibility of the story and drama. It for instance is crazy how none of the police at first is willing to help and even somewhat makes fun of the whole situation. It just never feels like the most credible movie out there, due to the way how things get told.

And really, there also isn't anything present in this movie that hasn't been done or told before. It is not only a very tame- but also a very unimaginative movie, with any of its themes. Too straightforward and simplistic for its own good, without adding any interesting layers to its story or any of its characters. Well, at times the movie still tries, but it all falls terrible flat since none of it is ever going anywhere and too many things just don't add up.

It never is a violent movie, never a tense one and never a very engaging one either. It is quite pointless to watch this movie in my opinion, since it isn't doing anything good nor interesting with its story. There even aren't any twists in it, which seems like a pretty odd thing for a truly and it adds to the reason why this is a far from surprising or original enough one.

The acting is also absolutely terrible. Miranda Raison is just a terrible leading woman in this. I really had a hard time taking her serious whenever she was displaying any emotions. Just terrible! All of the other roles are too small to make much of an impact really, so the movie unfortunately mostly relies on just Raison. This is a movie that truly could have used a stronger main villain, as well as a better side character.

Because it is a made for TV movie, it also definitely has a TV like look and quality to it. Formulaic camera-work, formulaic lighting, formulaic music. Everything about this movie feels so safe and mundane, while besides being a far from impressive- or remotely engaging genre flick.


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