Well, as far as Netflix originals go; this one is pretty original. It is a good fresh take on the sci-fi genre, combined with plenty of action.

I also definitely feel and believe that especially the lovers of the science-fiction genre should be able to appreciate this movie. It honestly isn't anything too special, but it luckily also isn't ever anything terrible to watch. Despite a somewhat slow start, it manages to bring plenty of entertainment, with its futuristic settings and concept.

It to me remains a far from perfect movie though. The story for instance feels a bit too straightforward for its concept. It is also as if the movie at first was a far more 'serious' one, with multiple layers and deeper meanings behind it, but got watered and 'dumbed' down once it got made into a Netflix original. In lots of ways this is a more action-orientated than story-orientated movie, while it probably should have been the other way around, in order to truly turn this movie into a fully effective and memorable one.

While the movie has a good concept, it still didn't quite grab me. The concept of the movie is definitely more original than it is effective. I wasn't always with the main characters. They rebel against the system, but I just can't say I always agree with them. To me, it seemed like the system was there for a good reason and I don't understand why them as an exception to it should be a good or positive thing. It doesn't help that there are 7 main characters, all played by Noomi Rapace. Who to cheer for? Who to root for? It really is impossible to care for 7 individuals, who aren't different enough from each other and never developed properly enough as a good and unique character.

The movie really is filled with some fine actors in it, but it is not like they elevate this movie. Most big name actors have very small roles in this movie, such as Glenn Close and Willem Dafoe. Honestly, this movie would have been just as 'good' and interesting without their presence. Especially Close gets wasted as the movie its main villain.

It is a pretty decent looking movie. Somewhere stuck between being a big-budget and low-budget production. Never enough there to 'wow' you, but still plenty present in it to let its world work out as believable enough. It is probably true that that this movie would have been better as a small budget production. Its story really didn't needed all of the special effects and spectacular action that is in it. But again, the movie simply decided to be a more action-orientated one, rather than a more subtle and story-orientated movie.

This probably would have worked better as a TV- or mini-series, but it is not a bad movie to watch, as it is. It is original, at times spectacular, but unfortunately never the most engaging one to watch as well.


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