Dispatcher movies aren't all that uncommon nowadays, but none of them really ever works out as something truly exciting, tense and surprising to watch, due to its limited settings and possibilities. This movie is even more limited than any other ones, due to the fact that it is a TV movie, made on a low budget, but I have to say that despite all of this it still manages to work out as a quite good and even original one to watch.

It basically is a thriller, with some whodunit elements in it as well. It maybe isn't ever the most convincing movie story-wise. but this always is sort of OK for a thriller, if done in a good and effective way. This movie does a pretty decent job handling its mystery and suspense, making this an engaging- and therefore also effective enough one to watch.

At the same time this movie hardly is ever anything special to watch. Like most Lifetime channel movies it isn't ever taking any risks with anything and it really remains a movie by the numbers, all throughout. The way it progresses, the way things get revealed. It all is very standard and predictable. Also the lack of true surprises is disappointing about this movie and something that prevents this movie from ever becoming a truly great genre flick.

The lack of any real atmosphere also remains a disappointing aspect. It simply just is a very dark movie, but for no good reason it s seems. Nothing shocking or really suspenseful happens in the story, despite that in its core the story still remains a pretty original and interesting one.

Another disappointing aspect is the acting. It is mostly just weak and none of the characters work out as any solid ones. The story for most part remains engaging enough, but the characters really aren't. It makes the movie an odd combination of successful and less successful elements, even more so than most other thrillers and movies.

In lots of ways this is an effective and decent genre movie, while in other it really remains nothing more but a standard and even somewhat weak one. It overall remains a watchable enough movie, though it absolutely never becomes a great or very memorable one.


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