Well, here is a surprise. Another "Dragonheart" movie? Lets be honest here, how many of you knew this movie even existed? Probably not a whole lot and it actually is the fourth movie in the series already. It doesn't matter too much whether or not you have seen any of the previous movies, sine this movie really can be seen as a stand-alone one, though it is very obviously very heavily influenced by the original 1996 movie.

And by influenced I mean that it is basically doing the same thing as the original first movie. There really isn't anything too original or surprising about this movie, but I still see as decent entertainment, especially for kids. And lets be honest; these movies are more children's movies than anything else really.

It is being very basic and straightforward with its story, but it definitely is providing enough entertainment with it. There are adventurous aspects, historical and far off places, knights, kings, queens, dragons. Come on, what is not to enjoy about this movie if your are a 8-12 year old. (Let's just ignore the fact that this movie is for 12 year and older. Movie ratings are overrated anyway...)

It is a low-budget movie, but the fact that it is backed by a big studio still ensures that it is a good looking movie, with some decent locations, sets, costumes and special effects. Nothing too fancy, but certainly something that still appeals to the eye and never screams 'low budget' to you, with the exception of a few effects shots. There also still is plenty of action in it, which all helps to keep the movie both exciting and fun to watch.

Not everything about the story works out well though. It is a bit too convenient at times and it certainly lacks any sort of depth or interesting enough layers to it. It mostly remains a very predictable movie, but the storytelling remains quite good. The movie is always going and there aren't too many dull or slow moments in it. In a way it is good that there are hardly any distractions in the movie, but on the other hand it really prevents that movie from standing out as a greatly entertaining adventure movie, for the entire family to enjoy,

I also wasn't too fond of the main character, played by Tom Rhys Harries. In a way you also aren't supposed to like him, but even at the moments that he is supposed to be more likable he really isn't. At least not as much as he should be. I mean, he is supposed to be the hero of the movie. The one to carry the movie, besides the dragon of course, who this time around gets voiced by none other than Sir Patrick Stewart.

In all truth and honesty; I liked this movie far better than I expected to do. It is a simplistic- but at least still a very entertaining movie, that besides is quite well made, by low-budget- and lame cash-in sequel standards.


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