There are countless of "Alien" and "Aliens" ripoffs, so it only makes sense for there to be some "Prometheus" ripoffs as well. This is definitely one of this movies, though at times it is hard to tell what this movie is truly trying to do.

Let's just say that the movie can get pretty vague at times (yes, just like "Prometheus actually), but what is worse than that is that the movie really never is the most interesting or exciting one to watch. It most definitely is a bit of a bore and mostly involves characters staring into the distance and talking about a whole bunch of different stuff that never comes across as anything too interesting. Guess the movie tries to be a deep one with some of its themes, but it really is a far from thought-provoking movie and more often than not is a dull and unappealing viewing experience.

There is never enough context to anything. Instead of setting things up interesting and slowly but steadily, it throws you right into the midst of things. Characters aren't really introduced, tension doesn't get set up properly and the mystery gets lost in a mishmash of pretentious dialog and confusing visuals.

I am still willing to give the movie plenty of credit as well though. It is an original attempt, that most definitely really is doing its own thing, despite still borrowing heavily from other movies as well. Visaully it also remains a confusing but still impressive looking movie. That fact that it only uses a handful of characters further more adds to its originality. There is only so much the movie knows to do, which of course also is the reason why the movie is such a short one, but it still manages to do plenty of things well. It actually seemed like the movie had plenty of great ideas, but due to budget restraints and incapable actors, wasn't able to pull everything off that it intended to.

It really is the acting that mostly keeps the movie down. It honestly is quite terrible and a big part of the reason why none of the dialog really hits home. Not saying that this movie would have been better with some more capable actors in it, but it most definitely would have made things a bit more tolerable- and potentially more interesting to watch.

It has some interesting ideas and approaches to things in it, but I am absolutely convinced that most people are going to hate this movie.


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