A great movie to have some fun with. That is the best way to describe "68 Kill". It is a well constructed movie, that is entertaining to watch due to the fact that it manages to find an effective balance between its over-the-top aspects, strong characters and adventurous main plot line.

The movie is always going. In a way it is a road-trip, that isn't always set on any road. The characters are always on the move and on their way somewhere, while there is plenty happening in the story. There are tons of crazy characters, who each add something else and good to the movie. Like most aspects about the movie- the characters are very over-the-top, but this really adds to the entertainment value. There is no way I could call the movie a great one as well, but I at least had plenty of fun with it.

It is never the best or most originally written movie and therefore also not the most memorable movie you will ever see but it is good to see how things are always kept going and fun to watch. It is just a tad bit too simplistic and straightforward all, in the way it is being constructed. It never makes things very hard for itself, which means there aren't that many layers- or truly any surprises to the movie. It doesn't make things terrible, but it does make the movie a bit of a too convenient one, that despite its premise isn't taking enough risks or takes things far enough. It tries to be edgy, and in some ways it still really is, but in the end it really won't feel like you have watched anything revolutionary or truly daring. And that is all OK really, but it does prevent the movie from truly standing out.

Thing that this movie still stands out with are its female characters. All female characters in this movie are incredibly strong, independent and tough ones, which also really adds to the entertainment value. They are besides played by some pretty capable actors, which in a way also makes them far more interesting than the movie its main character, played by male actor Matthew Gray Gubler. It is not like he is bad, not at all, but it is just that he sort of gets in the way of the female characters of the movie, that are all far more interesting- and better written ones.

The action is there to shock and it definitely is over-the-top, but it suits the movie well. The movie as a whole has a sort of non-serious and more entertaining tone to it. It is obvious from very early on already what this movie is going to be like. It is not going to be for just everybody, but that in a way is true about every movie of course. I am still convinced of it that most will be able to enjoy this movie for what it is, though I am also sure that no one is truly going to be blown away by it either.

A good looking, fast going and entertaining movie, but not really one you are going to remember much about in a couple of months from now.


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