At first the movie is being an action movie without any real action and after that it turns into a horror without any real horror. Is there anything this movie does right? Not really.

It basically comes down to it that this movie is a total bore to watch. It is never exciting, never tense and most definitely never an engaging one to watch. Reason for this is that the movie never builds anything up properly first. It throws you right into the action, without giving you any context or the main characters a decent enough backstory. It is all so very shallow and completely uninteresting to watch.

Lovers of cheap and simplistic modern action flicks are also going to end up feeling disappointed by this movie. Like I said, there just isn't any real action in it at all. It is kind of weird to see really how this movie still has the right look and pace of a good modern action flick, but totally lacks any good action to go along with it. Just a bunch of guys and girls running around with guns, pointing at things and acting tough and scared at parts, but without them ever doing anything exciting or truly fun to watch.

It also definitely is weird this movie attempts to combine action- with horror elements. It absolutely doesn't ever work out very convincing, since things never blend in with each other. It is mostly because the movie changes its style or atmosphere once the horror themes start to kick in. It remains an action flick at all times, which makes all of the horror elements seem terribly out of place. Guess that in its core this movie still showed some potential with its original enough main concept, but it gets completely wasted in this simplistic and far too shallow, ineffective, cheap movie experience.

The movie its biggest selling point of course remains Wesley Snipes. These are the type of movies he mostly appears in nowadays and unsurprising to say that his presence rarely is enough to take a movie to greater heights. He really is quite good in his role and probably still the biggest highlight of the movie, but there is also only so much he is able to bring to the table. He can't change the fact that the script is lacking and the movie its build up is missing everything in it to make this a good and engaging enough one to watch.

It really remains a good looking movie though. Certainly not as cheap- or poorly put together as the average low-budget genre attempt. It still makes the movie sort of pleasant to watch, but due to the fact that there hardly ever is anything good happening on the screen I just can't call it a decent and watchable enough movie as well.


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