What starts off as a lame and very typical comedy actually slowly turns into quite a cute one, without any real guts or surprises in it, but it is all good and enjoyable enough to consider this to be a watchable movie.

It is all cute and harmless enough, but I still really can't call it a great movie as well. There are a few too many flaws, that prevent this movie from ever turning into an absolutely great or even remotely original one.

It is true that the fact that everything about this movie is so safe and predictable is part of the reason why it works out as a very average one. For most part it relies too much on racial stereotypes and clich├ęd characters, which often is the case within a comedy, but most comedies at least still take a fresh and creative enough approach to things, which too often isn't the case for this movie as well. It isn't ever going anywhere interesting with any of its characters and plot lines, which results in it that the movie as whole feels too shallow.

For me that really was the biggest problem with this movie. This is a movie that definitely could had used a more solid script, with some more interesting secondary characters- and subplots in it. There now really enough going on in this movie. It is not only a too simplistic one with its story but also far too straightforward. It definitely could have used some more distractions in it. It tries to do so at times, but really none of the side characters ever truly work out. They actually are distractions, where they should have worked out as interesting- and welcome additions.

It still remains somewhat interesting and fun to watch the transition the main character goes through, but for most part he still isn't even all that interesting or likable. It is probably true that the movie would have been better to watch if the main character got played by Eugenio Derbez. The movie further more is filled with some big name actors, but as I said before, none of the supporting characters make much of an impression, with perhaps the exception of Rob Lowe.

As a comedy it certainly isn't edgy or surprising enough with anything and there most definitely aren't any truly hilarious moments in it. A chuckle here and there, but that is about all you are going to get out of this movie. The comedy isn't even lame for most part. It is just very mundane and doesn't ever seem to make any effort to standout with anything.

Not terrible, just a tad bit too safe and average all.


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