As often is the case, this movie is more a comedy and a tongue-in-cheek one than a serious genre attempt. It's not necessarily a bad approach and it obviously can often make things good and fun to watch, but in this case the movie feels a bit too self-aware and it attempts to do a bit too much, which makes things rather messy.

Of course the movie is also being nothing more but an extremely formulaic one, featuring most of the genre clichés. Sure, it is all very deliberate, but still the movie doesn't manage to ever turn any of it into anything remotely interesting or fun to watch. There actually are several reasons for it why it never works out very well.

First of all, I just don't know when movies are finally going to get it, but viewers aren't interested in seeing a bunch of teenage douche-bags as the main characters. Why should you ever care about any of them, or what happens to them, in this movie? Really the cliché type of characters, who are mostly concerned about having sex, even when their lives are in danger. That is not even realistic, is it? Oh, I don't really know...I'm definitely not a teenager anymore and I can't even remember ever being one.

Another problem really is that it is trying to be way too much. A slasher in the woods-type of horror, a deranged-family horror, a possession movie, a zombie flick. Really, the movie is filled with tons of different genre elements, which maybe still sounds fun to some but there is just no logic to any of it and it makes the movie a very messy one. This results in it being dull and interesting. It seems to think that it is enough to throw in as many genre elements as possible, without trying to be original or very creative with any of it. It's a lazy and too self-aware movie, that falls flat in just about every department. It most definitely is not a scary horror flick to watch, though some of the gore is still pretty good.

The movie as a whole still is a pretty decent one to look at, visually. It's definitely like most low-budget attempts, in terms of its atmosphere and visuals. Not too bad and I'm sure the film-makers still had plenty of fun with it, but it unfortunately didn't result into a great or even remotely good movie as well. I often was more annoyed than entertained by this movie, mostly due to how formulaic- and messy/random it got at times.

Not fun enough as a comedy and most definitely not good enough as a horror.


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