Low budget adventure movies such as this one can often go either way. They are either ridicules bad or they are just simply fun to watch. Fortunutely this movie is the latter. While it by no means is a must-see, it indeed still remains a perfectly fine and fun one to watch, if you get the opportunity.

Good thing about this movie is that it knows its own limitations. It never tries to be more than its budget allows it to be. So don't expect massive fight scenes, featuring tons of extra's, or lots of special effects and spectacular action and explosions. It's a spectacular and action filled movie in its own way, with still featuring plenty of fights and a fast pace in it.

The pacing is especially what makes this movie such a pleasant one to watch. It ensures that the movie is always going and there basically is never a dull or slow moment in it. It even somewhat makes you forget that there is not much of a story really and the movie itself isn't ever doing anything that's all that special to watch.

And really, the movie is about as basic and straightforward as it can get. It's very typical for a movie of this sort, but it in this case works out well nevertheless. Its straightforwardness obviously helps the pacing of the movie and it helps to keep the movie on track, despite the fact that it still features a whole bunch of different characters in it. It does make some odd choices toward the end with its story, but I for one was sort of able to forgive the movie for that. It still gave me plenty of joy to watch this movie.

It's actually also a pretty decently made movie, with some good shots and scenes in it. Certainly nothing amateur-like about it, though some locations look a bit cheap. The movie at times feels like it got shot in reenactment villages, with the help of people who love to dress up as medieval characters. I wouldn't at all be surprised if this actually were the case. It's not really a complaint, but it does give the movie a sort of cheap and inauthentic look and feel to it at times.

Not a great movie, but within its genre- and considering its limitation, it's still a pretty good and above all entertaining little movie.


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