Ahh, my favorite thing in the world; a found footage movie! Yes, that was sarcasm, but of course I am still able to recognize and appreciate a good found footage movie when I see one. This one however isn't among those.

The found footage genre is an extremely overdone- and tiresome one by now and luckily it is slowing disappearing, as its loosing in popularity and it is not hard to see why. There is only so much you can do within the genre and everything has basically already be done to death. It is therefore hard to still come up with anything original nowadays, using the found footage approach. This movie fails to find an original approach as well, but what is even worse is the fact that it isn't handle its found footage elements very well.

First of all, the movie is put together poorly. Basically every character in the movie walks around with a camera, which is convenient for the movie, but at the same time also works out far from realistic, which is of course always an important aspect about a found footage flick. It besides is a far too slick looking movie. Visually it doesn't even remotely resemble an average found footage flick. Everything is framed perfectly, the camera never shakes too much and it always seems to be pointed into the right required. Half of the time you don't even realize you are watching a found footage flick, which on the one hand is a positive thing, but on the other negative as well, since the movie genuinely is trying to be an actual found footage movie. It however is very hard to ever take it serious as such.

Thing about found footage movies also is that you slowly need to set up the right mood, suspense and mystery for the movie. This movie however fails to do so, by basically throwing you right into the action. It also leaves very little to the imagination, by basically showing everything that is happening. Another reason why this movie rarely feels like a true found footage genre attempt. You know exactly what is going on, while the characters are all still trying to figure everything out. It is not a very effective approach and doesn't help to make you feel involved with any of them. It besides obviously ruins most of the tension and mystery for the movie as well.

Sure, it is still pretty original how the movie tries to combine science-fiction elements with horror elements, but the thing about it is that the movie is doing very little original and creative with it. The different genre elements blend in well with each other, but the movie simply has no idea how to use all of it and turn this movie into an original- or remotely effective enough one.

It is also true that most aspects get ruined by the acting. Honestly, it is quite terrible all and most definitely also a part of the reason why none of the suspense and other horror elements work out very well. Appearantly it is very hard to act surprised and scared, judging by this movie. The dialog also isn't the best, but really, it is still mostly the acting that ruins things.

Really not worth your time.


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