Zombie movies are awesome! Well, not all of them, as this movie definitely shows.

It's true that most zombie movies are very basic ones and basically all of them do the same, but that doesn't mean that you can't be creative with your story and characters or be fun to watch, with plenty of entertaining zombie action and gore in it. This movie features none of this though, which makes it an extremely weak and lackluster genre attempt.

It basically is just another zombie survival story, in which a bunch of uninteresting characters try to survive yet another zombie outbreak. There isn't much else going on the movie, which is one of the main reasons why it fails to work out as a very original or engaging enough genre attempt. No good mystery, no good suspense, no good personal drama. I just can't think of any good reason why anyone should ever watch this movie. Even the most die hard fans of the zombie genre will feel disappointed by this movie, since there just isn't any good zombie action or fun present in it.

I don't get it. If you make a zombie movie, with a zero dollar budget, you should at least be able to still make it fun to watch. The film-makers were going for a more serious approach to the genre though, which is fine of them to do, but it really doesn't work out too well. It actually works against the movie and assures that you lose interest in it, pretty early on already. It also are the more dramatic side-plots of annoying flashbacks of the movie that make it such an incredibly uninteresting and ineffective one.

Needless to say that this movie never impresses with anything. The settings, the acting, the writing, the camera-work, the editing, the gore, it all feels very lacking. And I am sure there is a reason for it, but I still haven't figured out why all of the actors sound like they are talking through a walkie talkie. Low-budget zombie movies can definitely work out and there are countless of well known and respected examples of this, but this movie unfortunately has no idea how to be original, shocking or engaging enough with anything.

Seriously, just stay away from it, even if you are really into the genre.


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