While this movie loves to compare itself to a Coen brothers movie (the film-makers their own words, not mine), it is absolutely nothing like it, in terms of writing, comedy, characters and dialog. Just a stupid marketing trick, but also if you look past that there just isn't much to enjoy- and say positive about this movie.

It is one of those cases off 'it's too dark to be a comedy, but to silly and over-the-top to be a good dark movie.' It's a weird blend of horror and comedy ingredients, that constantly collide with each other. The more dark tones and horror aspects of the movie don't work out because of the comedy and the comedy aspects don't work out because of its sinister concept. Sure, there is such a thing as a 'dark comedy' and there are plenty of successful genre examples out there, but this one just isn't among those.

The movie is definitely too goofy for its own good. If I have to categorize this movie under one category I would definitely place it under 'comedy'. It is silly and very over-the-top with its story, situations and characters. It if very hard to take this movie ever seriously. And all of that would be fine, as long as the comedy is something good and enjoyable to enjoy. This however very rarely is the case. It just isn't the most clever or well written movie, especially when it comes down to the comedy. It seems to think that taking things over-the-top is enough to make people laugh and to come across as an original and creative enough movie, but it really isn't. The over-the-top comedy is not in tone with the rest of the movie and it never connects very well with any of its horror aspects. The themes and atmosphere of the movie are just too dark for its comedy.

But as a horror movie it also definitely falls short. From a movie featuring snuff themes in it, you would expect to gets lots of gore and tons of blood. Neither of that is present in this movie really. Most things happen off screen, which is a weird approach to take for any type of horror movie, let alone one that features snuff elements in it, or at least pretends to do so. So those expecting 'torture porn', forget about it. Not that I necessarily always need to see tons of blood and gore in a horror flick, but there at least needs to be something to either make it interesting or engaging to watch. This movie however offers nothing surprising, which means that it also features no good mystery, tension or shocks in it. In other words; nothing to really keep you interested in it.

It is also a problem that none of the characters are likable enough. I mean, after all, it is a movie about two guys who decide to kidnap a girl and make a snuff movie. How are we supposed to like- and care for these individuals? There are also never made likable enough through anything that happens in the movie and their characters never go through any interesting transitions. There are no real redeeming qualities when it comes down to the characters, but this basically goes for the movie as a whole as well.

It fails as a comedy, it fails as a horror and it definitely fails as a dark comedy as well. Never very enjoyable or engaging to watch. Just skip it.


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